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Food Sources of Lactobacillus

There is no doubt that there are many sources from which one can obtain lactobacillus, the most predominant source being dairy products.   Other than this, one can consider soya products which are rich in these bacteria.  The products are readily available on the market and are found at health food stores.  

Lactobacillus is a natural bacterium that resides in the human body specifically in the intestinal tract, gut and vaginal tissues.  It is best known to be one of the beneficial bacteria that ensure healthy life.  Over the years it has been common in the health headlines, as well as advertisements for its health benefits such as facilitated digestion, enhanced immune function and reduced yeast infections in the human body.

Improved milk

One of the diary products that are rich in beneficial bacteria is enriched milk through utilization of lactobacillus acidophilus which is also referred to as sweet milk. Acidophilus enriched milk is thicker than the natural milk with a tangy flavor and sweet taste.   Do you know why most people believe that regular milk is nutritious and beneficial in many ways? Well, now you know.

Enriched Buttermilk

Buttermilk is produced by adding beneficial lactic acid that produces bacteria to pasteurized milk.   Most manufacturers consider adding lactobacillus acidophilus to enrich buttermilk which is considered as additional beneficial bacteria. But, the main lactic acid that produces bacteria used in producing buttermilk is the lactococcus lactic.  It is also worth mentioning that even if lactobacillus acidophilus is added to milk, nothing changes such as taste, consistency and its nutritional value; these will remain intact. 


Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the most common ingredients in yogurt.  Moreover, it is a fact that yogurt is also one of the popular beverages on the market that is rich in lactobacillus.  The addition of lactobacillus depends on brand and quantity that is required. For a consumer who is out to find yogurt that is rich in lactobacillus to boost up his/her health, they are advised to choose yogurts with low sugar as well as artificial flavorings.


Certain cheese products contain lactobacillus, a form of bacteria species that brings along massive benefits to human life.  This bacterium is very important as it enhances digestion, it boosts immune system, and it enhances ingestion and metabolism in human beings. It also helps in treating some diseases such as diarrhea, skin conditions and kidney related problems.

Some Soya Foods

Even though lactobacillus is mainly obtained from diary products, one can as well obtain them in   soya foods such as soya yogurt, tempeh and miso among others which contain these bacteria but, in smaller quantities.  This is best for individuals who do not like diary products. 










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